Freakin: Daniel Avery 07/02/15

Freakin: Daniel Avery 07/02/15

This Saturday night Mansion welcomes famed DJ Daniel Avery through its doors and down into its atmospheric cellars for a night not to miss.

Rising from the elderly scene of seaside Bournemouth, 18 year old Avery first began spinning indie records as “Stopmakingme”, a moniker since dropped. After a trip to Ibiza he discovered the lures of house and techno and never looked back. A chance meeting with Filthy Dukes DJ collaboration led to a resident spot for Avery on their Kill ‘Em All night where he henceforth proved himself worthy to take to the decks of world renowned Fabric in London. It was not long before touring took a hold on Avery, and his name seemed to appear on every residency’s list from Lille to Lisbon.

His layered synth drone interspersed with unique unearthly sounds raised awareness for his originality and ingenuity. With Avery confessing his love for, “weird records; that original, lawless spirit of acid house where the music is pulsing but will also throw in some mind-bending, psychedelic elements to knock you sideways and make you lose yourself within it” we see how this influence has shaped his music.

From 2009 to 2011 Avery remixed the likes of Little Boots, Metronomy and Hercules & Love Affair. A collaboration with Justin Robertson also matured and developed his sound. In 2012 Avery had the chance to showcase his favourite tracks in the 66th release of FabricLive’s series; a real testimony for Avery’s continued loyalty to and success in this East London club.   After signing to Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound label, Avery released his first studio album Drone Logic to great critical acclaim with MixMag branding it “a mesmerising debut”. Its beauty lies in Avery’s ability to simultaneously engulf yet subdue the listener with pulsating synths and intricate layering.

With a wealth of experience and a never ending stream of creativity issueing forth from Daniel Avery, it is with excitement that we await his arrival in Mansion on Saturday.

Sophie Church