Selective Hearing: Ben Klock, Pariah, South London Ordnance: The Warehouse, Leeds. 29/11/14

Selective Hearing: Ben Klock, Pariah, South London Ordnance: The Warehouse, Leeds. 29/11/14

Book some of the best techno DJs in the world, add some eye-watering visuals, a crowd so up for it their heads are practically touching the ceiling, and a Selective Hearing night is pretty much what you get. Selective Hearing run techno and house nights in Manchester and Leeds, and have booked big names such as Rodhad, Robert Hood and Marcel Dettman in the past. On Saturday they brought some of the infamous German techno sound to The Warehouse in Leeds, by inviting none other than Berlin’s own Ben Klock to headline, one of the most renowned techno DJs on the planet.

The night was warmed up by Ste Robert, feeding the anticipant crowd with dreamy, deep vibes before the first DJ -South London Ordnance began. South London Ordnance has only been producing for the last two years but has been DJing much longer, and has already had a huge impact on the UK scene. He immediately lifted the energy in the room, integrating industrial and tribal sounds into an intense and high-energy hour and a half set. Pariah, R & S record’s new prodigy, then took over with a more minimal but equally punishing sound to the room. His set was more stripped down but he frequently integrated interesting interjecting sounds and changes in the music.

After Pariah, the highly anticipated Ben Klock started his 3 hour set. I had never seen him before, and well….it was like nothing I have ever experienced. My expectations were high but he far exceeded those, from beginning to end he took the crowd on a hypnotic journey. Changing the mood and energy of the room throughout, at one point about an hour before closing he was pushing 132 bpm creating a bold, aggressive vibe which everyone felt and reacted to. He also has such a great personality as a DJ, dancing and maintaining eye contact to connect with the crowd. He see’s what the people want and gives it to them, maybe even before they realise. I found the ability to be able to relate to him as a DJ and person was really interesting, having a connection with your audience on such a personal level somehow increased the emotion in the music he was playing, and its a night I’m going to remember for a long, long time.

Selective Hearing put on a night curated with a lot of thought and attention. The three acts from Saturday completed each other really well, each having a distinctive style that added a level of variation to the night, which combined with the incredible, ever-changing visuals and lights, sets the bar ridiculously high for other techno and house nights in the North. If you enjoy electronic music, I definitely recommend checking out the next one. See you there.

Victoria Watkins