The North Borders Tour x WHP – The Warehouse Project, Manchester, 21/11/14.

The North Borders Tour x WHP – The Warehouse Project, Manchester, 21/11/14.

With the annual Warehouse Project season in full-swing, there’s already been much celebration of WHP’s return to its spiritual home on Store Street (after 2011 was announced as its final year there), and much discussion over how they consistently curate and book such eclectic line ups. It’s a very strange beast that we’ve all created, the Warehouse Project, but I think it’s best to leave its dissection to the end of its season, and then prolong it until next July when they release the 2015 line up.

For now, here are some of the best songs from The North Borders Tour x WHP. Last year there was the one-way traffic system to navigate; this year there’s still a continuous stream of people as soon as you’re more than a few metres away from the stage. Maybe it’s some kind of Sisyphean pursuit for the euphoria we’re promised when you fill an abandoned warehouse with seven hours of dance music. You’re probably not allowed rocks inside the warehouse anyway – the police would have them off you straight away.

So, rather than conveying a sense of an artist’s journey, or the atmosphere of a particular room over the evening, or a sense of what united the carefully curated musicians that were present, this is just some songs we heard and liked, usually while walking away from that room or queuing for the toilet.



Bonobo – Cirrus

Usually it doesn’t really matter where you are when you hear this song, because closing your eyes and remembering the video will probably always be better. In this case, Green and his band’s live performance was even more spectacular.


Dauwd – What’s There

Part of a fond exploration through his 2011 debut EP with this track as its title.   My accomplice had thought we’d been talking about seeing Darude though, and was a little disappointed that ‘Sandstorm’ wasn’t played.


Gold Panda – Marriage

Gold Panda really took this track apart and let it breathe and for that we salute him.


Bonobo – El Toro

With added solos from the band’s saxophonist and drummer.


Gold Panda – Junk City II

A reminder that Gold Panda’s Half of Where You Live is probably one of the most intriguing LPs of 2013.


Daniel Avery – All I Need (Roman Flügel Rework)

Played by the Abandon Silence DJs and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Leon Vynehall – Step or Stone (Breath or Bone)

Again, thank you Abandon Silence DJs for leading us towards Vynehall’s FACT Mix once we got home.


Ben Klock – Subzero

Crept in to Eliphino’s set in the early hours of the morning.


Trus’me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick remix)

The perfect playful antidote to the cold German techno above. Thanks Eliphino.


The Warehouse Project continues until New Years Day.


Alice Lawrence


Alice Lawrence