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So Freshers is over. Good. Here is your antidote to two weeks of club nights and bar crawls; the finest live music Yorkshire has to offer.


12th October – The Amazing Snakeheads – The Duchess

The Amazing Snakeheads describe their own music as ‘dirty hyped blues’ and it is incredibly hard disagree. Three young Glaswegians moulded by Nick Cave and Joe Strummer (amongst others); they look like a motorbike gang and perform like it’s the 70s. It’s dark. It’s heavy. We can’t wait.

13th October – Wytches – The Duchess

Demented surf-punk provocateurs Wytches are in town on Monday and they want you there to wear black, dance around, and listen to their surprisingly melodic debut Annabel Dream Reader in the flesh.

15th October – DJ Jazzy Jeff – Fibbers

Will Smith’s partner in crime for over a decade arrives in York for a night of old-school Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Funk. Just everything. Expect baggy ’90s sweaters and ‘Summertime’ to send the crowd wild.


16th October – Dan Croll – The Wardrobe

Funk basslines and vocal harmonies aplenty, this is one not to miss as Dan Croll brings the debut success of Sweet Disarray to The Wardobe.

18th October – Teleman – Brudenell Social Club

Former members of ‘Pete & the Pirates’ decided they didn’t want to be Pete or a Pirate anymore and formed Teleman, a three-piece Beach Boys reincarnation who boast a unique brand of slow-burning, intense indie.

22nd October – Nick Mulvey – Brudenell Social Club

Heavily influenced by world music and having previously studied in Havana, Cuba, Nick Mulvey is pretty much the complete package when it comes to solo artists with an acoustic guitar hanging from their neck. ‘Cucurucu’ is an adaptation of D.H. Lawrence’s poem ‘Piano’, didn’t you know.


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