Preview: Milli Vanilli presents Moonboots; Mansion, 25/10/14

Preview: Milli Vanilli presents Moonboots; Mansion, 25/10/14

This weekend, Milli Vanilli plays host to Moonboots, of the remedially joyous record label Aficionado.

Moonboots is a Manchester treasure, running Aficionado with fellow DJ Jason Boardman, as a label and a Sunday clubnight that’s been Balearically floating in space for fourteen years.  Richard Moon, the man that is Moonboots, came to Manchester by way of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Wigan and Malta.  It’s definitely the latter that evoked in his DJ sets: full of space, a gentle pace and a feeling that you might just be basking in sunshine. 

As Festival No. 6 put it when they invited the Aficionado chaps to play, ‘they are the very definition of Balearic, playing without genre or agenda’.  Though Moonboots has been putting out some delicately downtempo sets online, he also carries a bag full of party records, collected from years of passion, as well as a decade working at Eastern Bloc Records as their ‘Balearic seller’.  After catching his gloriously leftfield afternoon sets at Joe’s Bakery in Leeds a couple of years ago, we’re really excited to see what Moonboots brings to York this weekend.

With Mansion‘s basement reopened, we’d suggest heading underground this Saturday, for a night that’ll have you feeling like you’re floating in the clouds.

Tickets are £5 here, and Facebook event is here.



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