Green Man Festival 14-17 August 2014: Brecon Beacons, Wales

Green Man Festival 14-17 August 2014: Brecon Beacons, Wales

Green Man Festival is a truly magical delight for both the ears and the eyes. A carefully curated line up (with atypical headliners Mercury Rev, Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel) is thoughtfully matched against the most enchanting of landscapes. Any festival can book a handful of hotly tipped acts and plonk a few stages in a field but what few fail to achieve is the creation of a microcosmic world. Green Man is a paradise of awe inspiring mountain landscapes, hidden oases, life-embracing people and of course, great music.

The spiritual core of the festival still burns bright after 7 years, and comes out to play in the festival’s rituals, such as the Druids’ blessing of the land, the wishing tree and the Green Man effigy. It’s unique to find such a popular festival faithfully celebrating pagan values and showing us how they can give us an inspiring, cathartic experience.

Green Man is definitely a festival of good living- for all ages. It’s about celebrating the beauty of life at every turn. Older hippies, young parents, toddlers, teenagers are all in attendance, enjoying an eclectic programme of music, film, science, comedy, spoken word and all manners of art forms. For this one weekend, a magical community has been created outside of time and space, and for all those within it, it is the only reality which matters.


The Waterboys- Far Out

Celtic-rock oldies The Waterboys appeal to the older portion of festival goers and bring in the weekend in suitably folky style. They are Thursday’s headliners at the Far Out tent, which is packed out and roaring to go. Catchy fiddle licks get people jigging- the wholesome merriment has already begun!

By The Rivers- Chai Wallahs

Chai Wallahs is where the some of the more funky sounds of the weekend occur, and the party lasts right into the morning. A haven for lovers of ska, reggae and hip hop- tonight the tent is filled with By The Rivers’ youthful, extremely likeable reggae-style tunes. Their reception is incredible, and is perhaps due to the fact that they’re Green Man regulars. It’s their third year at the festival, and they humbly tell their enthusiastic crowd that they’ve been looking forward to this all year, after they had ‘the best time of their lives’ at last years’ show. It sure must be a great feeling for them to reel off pretty much every track from their debut album ‘Vultures’ to consistent appreciation and groovy moves from their audience.

It seems all is prepared and geared up for party…. (But not the sort of have your first weekend away from your parents, chant and swear like a moron, wind up with sick in your hair and on your shoes having just collapsed on top of your cheap, poorly put up tent sort of party…..)


Sophie Brear