Preview: Peter Hook and The Light/ Tokyo York/ 5.7.14

Preview: Peter Hook and The Light/ Tokyo York/ 5.7.14

Joy Division seems to be everywhere today. You only have to turn the corner of a street and there’s those jagged white pulsar readings, worn upon the chest of some hipster kid who probably has no idea what ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is.  

Since assembling his band The Light in 2010, Peter Hook, bassist of Joy Division and New Order, has been bringing back to life those legendary works of genius, aforementioned ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ on the live stage.

It began with two sell-out nights at the Factory club in the bands’ birthplace of Manchester, where Hooky and the band played ‘Unknown Pleasures’ in its entirety. This success spurred Hooky and the band to take the show on tour. In 2011, they began performing ‘Closer’ in all its glory too, taking it on a worldwide tour spanning the USA as well as Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

This Saturday Hooky and The Light will find themselves rocking up at Tokyo club, which as most of us know it, is usually packed with drunk students and blaring out chart club tunes. However, for this one night, Tokyo and all who will reside there will be transported back to the 80’s for Hooky’s recreation of the first two New Order albums ‘Movement’ and ‘Power, Corruption and Lies’. Older fans who listened and bought the records back in the day will stand alongside the young who wished they were alive then to have done so. The club will also be filled with the wonderful sounds of Joy Division’s melancholic post-punk, played as supporting tracks.

Hooky and The Light’s live performances of these two classic New Order albums have met with rave reviews. With a member of two such legendary bands coming to revel in the immortality of his music, it would be a mistake to miss.

Tickets available here.

Sophie Brear