Preview: Blue Rose Code

Preview: Blue Rose Code

I have my unholy trinity, Van Morrison, Tom Waits and John Martyn. Tom is a recovering alcoholic, John lost his leg and then his life to drink and I think Van is still out there doing the research

– Ross Wilson of Blue Rose Code

South London’s Blue Rose Code brings some delicate folk to The Basement, accompanied by an entire band, and an album released on the very same day.

The Ballad of Peckham Rye is full of surprising musical twists, but also twirls of poetic simplicity.  Its name is rather fitting too: the title of a novel by Muriel Spark, concerning a troublesome Scottish migrant who moves to London and wreaks havoc.  Edinburgh-born Wilson has been in London for many years, but his Scottish burr still warms the vocals on all his songs.  He’s an alcoholic and an addict with a self-confessed ‘self-destructive streak‘.

It’s not always immediate in his songs, but they certainly burrow deeper under the skin than most.  This is Wilson’s first tour accompanied by a band – a double bass and pedal steel – which sounds perfect for the small confines of The Basement.

Full event details can be found here.

Buy The Ballad of Peckham Rye here.

Alice Lawrence