Listen: SyncopY, Tokyo, 9/5/14

Listen: SyncopY, Tokyo, 9/5/14

It’s impossible to sit still listening to this playlist.  With just a couple of days to go until SyncopY‘s night of electro-swing, we caught up with organiser and DJ, Matt, to hear a little taster of the genre’s best.  Check out the Spotify playlist, give it a follow, and have a read about Matt’s stand-out tracks below.  We’ll see you on the floor.

Full details of the event are available here.

Tickets are £3 in advance, and available here.

Parov Stelar – Catgroove

One of the first electro-swing tracks that i was introduced to after a friend started an electro-swing night in Glasgow.  The traditional sounds of swing music are combined with modern production techniques – in this case, house.  Parov Stelar is one of the leaders of the electro-swing revolution, with so many tracks from the last decade.

Smokey Joe & The Kid – The Arrival

smokey joe & the kid

Not all electro-swing music takes its roots of production from house music.  This track uses hip-hop rhythms to create a more laid back and soulful track.  This track is fairly new to me, but quickly becoming a favourite.  It shows that there’s no bounds to what can be achieved with the genre of electro-swing.

C2C – Happy

Although some wouldn’t consider this traditional electro-swing, C2C are a group of incredibly talented producers.  They’ve won the DMC Team world DJ championships four times, using swing and jazz melodies mixed with a huge number of other genres.  This track brings in so many genres, including gospel.  With a video that is simply incredible, this is an original favourite.

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