Interview with Music Remedy

Interview with Music Remedy

Music Remedy has been a part of York’s nightlife for little more than a year, but it’s already made quite a name for itself, and brought quite a few exciting acts to the city.  What started as a conglomeration of York’s renowned DJs has since hosted the likes of TÂCHES, Catching Flies and Wayward, and things only seem to be growing in 2014.

This Friday, Music Remedy brings Cardiff producer-DJ duo Bodhi to Mansion’s Basement.  We caught five minutes with the night’s founders, Katie Barrett and Penny Longstaff, to find out a little more about throwing a good party.

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So, let’s start from the beginning – how did Music Remedy come about?

Penny:  Katie, Sofia and I toyed with the idea of starting a night over a year a go.  We talked about it a lot but weren’t sure how to go about it.  After a lot of thinking we decided the thing we wanted to do was put on a night with the music we loved, as we saw there was a bit of a gap in the market at the time.  It’s never been about making money for ourselves, it was about getting our taste in music to York.  Also, the music scene in York is very male dominated so we wanted to show that girls can do it just as good.

Katie:  Not only did we want to bring our taste of music to York, we also wanted to set ourselves apart from other nights and give profits to charity.  We are very fortunate to have had a lot of support from the start from friends and family.  So many people have helped us out the past year by promoting, as well as playing on the night.

Penny: The name came about after everything was put in place for the first night, and we feel like it summed up quite well the type of event we wanted to put on.

You guys have been in York for a few years – how have you seen the music and club scene change over time?

Penny:  Having spent 3 years at university here, you can see that the music scene has changed dramatically. When I first came to York there really wasn’t much else apart from the official student nights.  Milli Vanilli was the first student run night I remember, and gradually after that more have popped up.

Katie:  When I first arrived the music scene was very much based around YUSU nights, and it was only when electronic music started becoming popular that other nights popped up and that was sort of the beginning of the York university house scene.  There’s definitely a larger spectrum of music to choose from seeing as there are a number of nights each week offering something different.

Bodhi’s an exciting booking – what made you choose those guys?

Penny: We’ve liked Bodhi for a while and thought it was time to bring them to York!

Katie: They are bigger than our previous acts and we felt a few more people would have heard of them. They are lively producers and we’ve never been disappointed by their music. 

Who would be your dream booking for a Music Remedy night?

Penny:  Of course there are so many DJs we would love to play at Music Remedy…  But our dream acts would be someone like Maya Jane Coles or Kerri Chandler

Katie: We are also massive fans of Bonobo and Maribou State.  So if we were to have a more chilled room, something along the lines of this would be the dream.

Residents are important too – tell us a bit about the staple Music Remedy DJs.

Katie:  From the start we have had a variety of DJs from most of the nights in York.  Every night so far we have had the Milli Vanilli residents play, as well as our MR residents Timoren and 2kind.  We’ve also has residents from Drop, Bangers & Mash, Freakin, It’s a Bass Thing and more recently Breakz.

Penny:  We couldn’t have done as well as we have done without the help of all those guys and to be honest its always fun to have them down and play.

Why did you choose St Catherine’s Hospice to raise money for?

Katie:  We chose it because it’s a charity which is personal to us.  And we felt, as it is a smaller charity, they will benefit from it more.

What does the future hold for Music Remedy in general?  Any plans you can reveal?

Penny:  At the moment we haven’t planned anything beyond our next night.  We will be having another event next term after exams.  We are always wanting to expand, particularly with our YouTube and SoundCloud pages.  There is one plan that we can reveal…  We’re in the midst of designing Music Remedy branded clothing, which will be available in the not so distant future…

Thank you to Katie and Penny for taking the time to chat.

You can find out more about Friday’s Music Remedy on the Facebook event, and buy tickets online here.

Alice Lawrence