Dope or Nope: Singles Review 29/12/2013 – 17/01/2014


Welcome to Dope or Nope, our brand new weekly feature where we will be reviewing a selection of the week’s singles. Dope or Nope takes place during the Circulation Magazine Radio Show – every Friday on URY from 9-11pm (listen online at

For the first show of the year I was joined by Circulation writer Flora Ogilvy as we got stuck into the best tracks released over the winter break.

First track was ‘Trophies’ by the inimitable Drake. Released after his third album Nothing Was The Same, Drake has hinted that more may be on the way.


JR: Drake, big horns, what’s not to love. He does shout a lot in this though. DOPE.


FO: I totally don’t get it. He is a real walking joke. NOPE.



Ricky Rozay teases his forthcoming album Mastermind with ‘The Devil is a Lie’ featuring Jay-Z


JR: This is good Rick Ross, hip-hop and horns are such a good combination. DOPE.


FO: If you took away the aggressive rap then I’d like it. I’ve done some wikipedia research on Rick Ross and he is a pretty scary character. NOPE.




Blacksmif’s tune 23 got the Star Slinger remix treatment this week and we cast our critical eye over it.


JR: Star Slinger has gone off the boil in recent times but it’s good to see he is back on track because this is a great remix. DOPE.


FO: I like this, it’s good, I liked ‘Free’ that he released recently too. DOPE.




Expletive time with ‘Fuck ‘Em’ by T-Pain featuring a long list of new up and coming rappers – Young Cash, Rich Homie Quan and Waka Flocka Flame.


JR: Pretty weak. NOPE.


FO: This music makes me expect to meet Channing Tatum in a Step-Up kind of situation.




Finally we checked out a curveball, new music from Johnny Cash. ‘She Used To Love Me A Lot’ from the vaults, it’s been polished up and set for a release this year. 

JR: Different to T-Pain, post-humous stuff is weird but this is great quality sound and it’s good Johnny Cash. We both agreed that the song title is really great too. DOPE.


FO: Absolutely dope, totally the wrong word to describe it but it’s great. DOPE.





Drake – ‘Trophies = DOPE/NOPE

Rick Ross – ‘The Devil Is A Lie’ (ft. Jay-Z) = DOPE/NOPE

Blacksmif – 23 (Star Slinger Remix) = DOPE/DOPE

T-Pain  – ‘Fuck ‘Em’ = NOPE/NOPE

Johnny Cash – ‘She Used To Love Me A Lot’ = DOPE/DOPE

Joni Roome