Original Flavour York: Battling with Big Bookings

Original Flavour York: Battling with Big Bookings

Hello there! Why don’t you start out by telling me a little bit about yourself and the other organisers of Original Flavour Entertainment.  What’s your background in the dance music industry?

The Original Flavour team is made up of Sid, Tim and I (Marcus). Whilst we all met at uni, there’s a big extended OFE family out there including ticket reps, promoters and DJs who really deserve a lot of our credit. Although we don’t DJ ourselves, promotion is our way of contributing to the scene- providing an interesting space to bring forward-thinking DJs from around the UK and elsewhere to our events, whilst at the same time creating a platform for some talented, upcoming producers and DJs who wouldn’t otherwise get a look in.


So you guys started your first night in Nottingham- what prompted you to do so and what was the initial philosophy behind it? 

Nottingham has always got the big headliners week-in week-out but its all concentrated in one branch of clubs and we were just getting bored of partying in the same space. The scene in Notts is thriving but still very homogenised and quite commercial- there’s always been a big drum and bass thing going on but we wanted to bring something different to the table. So, we started using different venues, making different bookings and then tried to guarantee a good after party. For our last event with Zed Bias & Chunky, we found an old abandoned bar in the heart of the student area kitted it out with a shit load of lighting, lasers, smoke machines and a fat soundsystem. I would say that’s another part of our philosophy for our nights. The same stands in York- we’ve got Funktion One Sound at our event on the 11th and we’ve been working on a lightshow that should be pretty special.


So what would you say the name ‘Original Flavour’ means to you? 

Original Flavour is all about bass-driven ideals and forward-thinking electronic sounds. We’re not tied down by genre. We’re here to bring whatever is interesting at the present time and to push any possible boundaries.


You describe the genres you fuse as ranging through House, UK Funky, Garage and Disco. Is this fusion in any way inspired by another night you’ve been to? 

Funny you say that actually! I wasn’t really into disco until Sid and I went down to one- a techno fusion night at Egg in Kings Cross. We weren’t expecting much but it was so refreshing- the music was hard-hitting but still sexy. I woudnt say that’s the reason for our own fusion is this though; as I said we dont like to be tied down by genre- we put on good music and that’s it- those labels on the event aren’t set in stone. I suppose they are like a guideline for someone that’s never been to Original Flavour before so they can get a feel of what we do.


Tell me a little bit about your previous events in Nottingham. Who have you booked and why do you think the nights have been such a success? 

So recently we’ve had a few of the Swamp guys in Notts. Paleman was a pretty exciting booking for us, Furrball had just dropped out and been only just been signed to Swamp. Him playing ‘Mercy’ at the after-party was insane. He came to do a show for us a couple of weeks back and it’s cool to see how he’s developing as a producer as more and more of his stuff comes out. Zed Bias and Chunky were other highlights.

Most recently we did Redlight’s album launch and also New York Transit Authority AKA Mensah, we’ve had a few upcoming DJs off Eton Messy and MadTech aswell- AZ & Tor, Taches and John Bear.


Your event debuts in Tokyo on the 11th October. What should we expect? 

Big Music, Big Sound, Big Names, Big Lights, Big Afterparty, Big Venue; Big everything!


Why did you choose to book Oneman and Paul Woolford? 

We were chilling in the summer when we first heard ‘Untitled’ and Marcus and I were instantly skanking. Paul Woolford was someone we have always wanted to bring and Oneman is a talent which is very hard to come by nowadays. I think he’s one of the best best technical DJs; able to play a set in keeping with any vibe and bringing the commercial tunes to light as well.


What’s next for Original Flavour York, if all goes to plan?

In Notts we’ve got Eliphino, Roy Davis Junior and Shola Ama onj the 15th. We have someone special lined up for Loughborough as well on 7th November including Rustie, Loefah and Chunky. In terms of York, I want to get Paleman up definitely. Aside from that, we keep our booking confidential I’m afraid so you’ll have to wait and see.


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