Dope or Nope: Singles Review 19/10/2013 – 25/10/2013

Welcome to Dope or Nope, our brand new weekly feature where we will be reviewing a selection of the week’s singles. Dope or Nope takes place during the Circulation Magazine Radio Show – every Friday on URY from 9-11pm (listen online at

In a relatively dry week for new singles I was again joined by my co-editor and good friend Mr. Jonjo Lowe. The first song to get the Dope or Nope treatment was ‘The One’ by mysterious producer/singer JMSN (pronounced Jameson).

JR: I love the strings, they can sometimes sound tacky but here they are really well done. It sounds like a cross between Justin Timberlake and The Weeknd on a good day. DOPE.

JL: The breakdown is very JT – it’s great alternative pop. DOPE


Next up was DJ Yolo Bear, signed to LuckyMe Records he may or may not be a real person. We checked out his new bonus track ‘Whitney vs Brandy’.

JR: It sounds like something on Diplo’s Mad Decent label. It’s not really innovative or good for that matter. NOPE.

JL: Initially I liked it because of the Brandy sample but they really don’t work as samples and it’s all a bit fragmented and disjointed. Gimmicky. NOPE.


Jay Rock takes on Pusha T’s ‘Numbers on The Board’ instrumental for the next track up.

JR: Good stuff, powerful and considered. Every word counts and this is indicative of the good stuff TDE are putting out at the moment. DOPE

JL: I like it, very witty. DOPE


PARTYNEXTDOOR is a chum of Drake and part of the OVO roster, his tune ‘Break From Toronto’ although not a new track was given the video treatment this week. His album is also available for free from Soundcloud.

JR: It’s like watered down Drake.It wasn’t amazing, probably a grower but watered down Drake is still good in my books. DOPE.

JL: It wasn’t amazing but I agree, it’s got enough of Drake’s influence to make it DOPE.


Finally we checked out Stumbleine’s ‘Hold On’. Named after a Smashing Pumpkins song this track was uploaded to soundcloud last week.

JR: I really like this, it isn’t actually the track I was thinking of but it sounds like something from the soundtrack of Lost in Translation. This has more vocals than your average Stumbleine track and it really works. The whole use of static and white noise is really well done. DOPE.

JL: It is very cinematic and also quite relaxing. DOPE.

JMSN – ‘The One’ = DOPE
DJ Yolo Bear – ‘Whitney vs Brandy’ = NOPE
Jay Rock – ‘Numbers on the Board’ = DOPE
PARTYNEXTDOOR – ‘Break From Toronto’ = DOPE
Stumbleine – ‘Hold On’ = DOPE

Joni Roome