Bestival 2013 in Tweets

Bestival 2013 in Tweets

Circulation Magazine made the long journey to Bestival on the Isle of Wight and spent the weekend live tweeting all the sights and sounds we saw. This is a collection (and explanation) of our top tweets.



On Thursday night Dog is Dead gave a really well received set of alternative rock on the Replay Stage.


M.I.A. had our reporters excited and she didn’t disappoint with an intense hour long set ending in the ubiquitous “Paper Planes” sing-along.


Feeling a little worse for wear, Caravan Palace did nothing to help with their skat-singing, swing-dancing, synth-heavy set. But then Wu-Tang came on and it was all okay again.


The reporters were broken up for the first time…

…Flaming Lips delivered a confusing set, opting to play slow and psychadelic songs rather than solid fan favourites and festival-ready tunes.

Jon Hopkins on the other hand managed to blow the minds of everyone in the Big Top stage. Playing at sunset, his occasionally ambient electronic music was dropped in favour of his huge, industrial tracks. A fantastic set from an incredible artist.


Fatboy Slim was a polarising act; simple yet effective for the big crowd.


Bastille are ever the crowd-pleasers


Johnny Marr’s performance was a real head-scratcher – The Smiths songs went down incredibly well and it was a strange to see the almost non-reaction to Johnny Marr’s own songs. He is making a good career out of his own music though so maybe he can take the crowd reactions.


Essentially, Snoop Dogg’s set was a collection of his best guest verses. I didn’t expect “California Girls” though.


DJ EZ was one of the best DJs to play on the incredible Port stage.


Hudson Mohawke was one of the best acts of the weekend. 2am on Saturday night after Snoop Dogg was a great set for his unique brand of beats. Dropping his own tunes as well as TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” and his track he produced for Kanye – “Blood on the Leaves”


Chic were fantastic crowd pleasers and Nile Rodgers knows how to get a party started.


This was odd.


And then it was over as quickly as it had started!

#bestivalfacts became something of an obsession for us over the weekend. Spawned from the boredom between The Smiths songs during Johnny Marr’s set at the Big Top Stage. Here are a collection of our favourite ‘facts’.

Joni Roome