Interview with Animaux

Interview with Animaux

Hello there! Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about the brains behind Animaux…
Hi, I’m Mantas and I’m a second year Bsc Music Technology student. I started DJ’ing back in Lithuania four years ago where I organised and played at a load of events. Since moving to York, I’ve played in pretty much every club and venue. I’ve been part of Breakz since freshers which has helped a lot, and I enjoyed the pleasure of being co-chair. I’m the sole member of Animaux, aside from a few people giving me a hand here and there with promotion.

Let’s cut to the chase- would you say that York’s become over-saturated with House music?
Yes. Don’t get me wrong though- there’s nothing wrong with House, however, at least to me, last term felt like the same night on a Tuesday at Fibbers over and over- only with a different poster. By the end of the term, people were getting a bit tired of it. Bringing something new and exciting seemed appropriate.

So you’re focusing on Electronica, Grime and Drum & Bass to mix it up?
Yes, the idea is not only to have these styles over the course of Animaux, but to start introducing different genres for people to experience and show them that there’s far more electronic music that you can dance and have a good night to than just House.

Is the plan to showcase the established, familiar sounds of each genre or to explore newer, progressive trends?
Electronic music is always evolving, that’s the beauty of it to me. Showing what is happening in the scene is a key part of Animaux; the nights are not limited to just three genres, they are more of a blueprint, because most of the stuff is so new you can’t really put it into just one genre.

Are there any nights you’ve been to before that you’d say Animuax is modelled on?
A multitude of great aspects from pretty much everyone and everywhere really. There are aspects which I’ve loved from certain nights, things I’ve seen and would love to achieve and then there’s things I’d prefer to do differently. I’m trying to recreate a blend of things I’ve experienced not only in York but throughout Europe.

The tagline on your event page reads ‘Vous êtes tous des Animaux’ meaning ‘You are all animals’
-Will this entail your guests sniffing each other’s bums and urinating on the floor…?

Haha! You’re welcome to sniff each other- I’d avoid urinating on the floor in front of the bouncers though! The name and the tagline imply that at the end of the day, we’re all the same and we go out for one reason – to have fun. The sooner you drop your ego and let go, the sooner you will achieve that. I can talk about reasons and goals I have with the night, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to having fun!

Given the massive part that visuals are playing on the scene now, it’s refreshing to see a student-run night emphasising their importance. Do you have any particular footage in mind yet?
I’m working on it! Look out for the next promo video to get more of a feel. The main idea is to show off wacky things that you wouldn’t really expect as a means of enhancing the music and general feel.

Asa’s a pretty big name for a first booking- do you know him personally?
I’ve never met him, no. I have been a fan of Asa for quite a while and he just seemed like the perfect guy, not only because his music’s so different to everyone else’s, but he’s able to blend everything in seamlessly in his sets. As soon as I heard snippets of what he was doing with Sorrow, I just had to bring him! Luckily, I’ve managed to snap him up straight after he’s back from Portugal!

And your other DJs, are they familiar faces on the (limited) York music scene?
I (Endeser) have played pretty much everywhere in York with Sam and Tom (Pu|se and Biddly) while in Breakz. We’ve warmed up Boddika, Silkie and many others over the past two years as well as hosting a weekly night in Tokyo’s room 2 during Autumn term. This will be a debut for Marcus and Alex (Clifford’s Tower) but after listening to what they are producing these days, I just had to get them to play!

If you had to sum up their production?
Clifford’s Tower produce beautiful and punchy electronica. They manage to stand out while going for the same, fresh sound that many people are working with on the scene. Everyone should listen to their EP. They haven’t played anywhere yet, thus I am very excited for their debut.

How often would you like to put the night on if all goes to plan?
It depends on a few things, particularly the availability of people I’d like to book. With any luck I’d like to follow the ‘two nights per term’ plan that most nights in York stick to.

Tickets can be bought around York via 07428667356, straight from The Duchess or online at Resident Advisor:

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