FWD: Playlist, 21/2/13

Time for another FWD playlist. Remember all the tracks are available for you to stream on the right hand side of the screen. They’d provide the perfect backdrop to this article I’d imagine.

Iceage – Ecstasy
Adorned in carnal ecstasy/ A hazy focus blurs and sharpens sight/ Now my senses are leading me/ A mere blow of wind could turn me into light/ Hands everywhere covering me/ Feels so overwhelming I can’t breathe/ But bliss is momentary anyhow/ Yet worth living for – take me now

So. Good. The video will make you want to move to Denmark, shave your head and start a punk band that flirts with vaguely right-wing imagery. Iceage’s new album ‘You’re Nothing’ is out this week, and it’s fantastic.

Mazes – Skulking
We’ve said a lot about Mazes here at Circulation over the past couple of weeks (read our interview with lead singer Jack in the latest issue!). All of that has been justified though by just how good their second album ‘Ores & Minerals’ really is. Bassist Conan Roberts takes centre stage here on this muscular album cut. A Mercury Prize nomination surely awaits……

Factory Floor – Fall Back
This song actually came out around a month ago, but any material from the mercurial post-punkers is worth re-visiting again and again. Their very long-awaited debut album is expected sometime this year on DFA. Hopefully.

Vox Mod – Iridescent Asteroid Mists feat. Palaceer Lazaro
Palaceer Lazaro is better known as the ringleader of Seattle’s transcendent alternative hip-hop crew Shabazz Palaces. They’ve been noticeably quiet since their superlative studio debut ‘Black Up’ in 2010, so hopefully this collaboration with fellow Seattle beatmaker Vox Mod is a sign of things to come.

inc. – The Place
inc. are seasoned session musicians (and brothers) Andrew and Daniel Aged. They make Zomby-approved R&B which is as in debt to Prince as it is Clams Casino. Their debut album ‘No World’ is released this week.

Bonobo – Heaven For The Sinner feat. Erykah Badu
Bonobo is evidently trying to position himself as ‘the new FlyLo’ as he recruits Erykah Badu here to croon all over his spaced-out jazz infused beats. This is the latest track to be released off his forthcoming album ‘The North Borders’, which is out 1st April on Ninja Tune.

Hookworms – In Our Time
We were all obviously overjoyed when My Bloody Valentine suddenly released their new album a few weeks back. You can’t help but think that Leeds’ very own Hookworms were actually the greatest beneficiaries of Kevin Shields unexpected creative profligacy. All of a sudden 2013 is the ‘year of the guitar’ and the Leeds band are readying a debut of towering psychedelic shoegaze. Fantastic timing all in all. Fantastic album as well.

Valentina – Wolves
You might not of heard of Valentina, but you’ve definitely heard her. Her song ‘Gabriel’ was remixed by Joe Goddard and subsequently became a veritable crossover sensation. Following on from that ubiquity she releases an EP of tracks produced by that bashful electronic troubadour Kwes.

Shlohmo – Don’t Say No feat. How To Dress Well
Pretty much a Tumblr wet dream this one. Doesn’t mean it’s not really rather good.

Atoms for Peace – Judge Jury and Executioner
When Thom Yorke is taking a break from being in the best band in the world, he forms post-modern supergroups because of course he does. The result of his self-imposed musical sabbatical is available to stream now, and it’s exactly as you’d expect really: haunting dance music with a soft fuzzy core. Or something.

Tourist – I Have No Fear
I don’t really know much about Tourist, but then again neither does google, so I’m in good company really. I could just about decipher that his latest EP ‘Tonight’ was released this week on Monday Records though. You should get it, it’s good in a ‘James Blake circa 2010’ way, which is very good.

Anthony Naples – Busy Signal
Anthony Naples announced himself last year as his debut single was chosen as the first release on the label set up by seminal New York partiers Mr Saturday Night. “Mad Disrespect” sounded like nothing else, and went on to be one of the songs of the year. He follows up that auspicious start with an EP on Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes, the highlight being this woozy house cut. Tip!

Girl Band – Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
A noise cover of Blawan’s epic techno stomper? Yes, a thousand times yes. This track is featured on the latest compilation by The Quarter Inch Collective, a tape/CD-R label based in Dublin. How delightfully DIY.

Alex Beazley-Long