FWD: Playlist, 30/12/12



Hey Now – London Grammar

London Grammar are remaining decidedly elusive, deleting all virtual traces of their past and leaving us with this bleak and lonely song.  Not that we’re complaining.  Their guitars have been compared to Talk Talk’s Colour of Spring sounds, and it’s hard to hear Hannah Reid’s rich voice without thinking The xx or Florence Welch.  We hope they’re busy plotting big things for next year.


Middle Of The Bed – Lucy Rose

This track is carried beautifully by the tempo changes in Rose’s dainty, effortless vocals.  After touring with Bombay Bicycle Club and featuring on their last two albums, it’s great to see some recognition for her solo stuff.  That said, check out Jack Steadman’s very different remix of the track on the Middle Of The Bed EP.


What I Do – Dusky

One of the first releases from Loefah’s new School label, Dusky’s latest EP is throbbing with bass and purring with R&B samples.   ‘What I Do’ is indeed what Dusky do best – house-garage with muscles.  This one should be pulsating around clubs very soon.


Copy Cat – Skream ft. Kelis

There is no saucer of milk big enough to reward this pair for this track.  In case Usher’s ‘Climax’ has begun to lose some of its sensual sparkle, here is the purring Kelis with vocal delivery steamy enough to make you hairball.  Skream’s restrained beats complement perfectly and pave the way for a very exciting Skreamizm Vol 7 EP.


Long Live A$AP – A$AP Rocky

The title track from the long-anticipated album shows the release next month is something to look forward to according to Joni.   Beat wizards Jim Jonsin and Rico Love have laid playful, swaggering foundations for Rocky’s punchy, almost overexcited rap storms, and now we just can’t get that hook out of our heads…


Sunlight On The Faded – Laurel Halo

Earlier this year, Halo tweeted that we should ‘listen to music without someone’s breakable body in mind’, which we thought was great and admirable and we nodded our heads to her productions as King Felix and we said we’d try.  It is very hard, however, not to be beguiled by her on this twirling ballerina-like track.  It just sounds like her breakable body might need a hug, is all.


Rough Sleeper – Burial

Burial’s tracks are getting longer than these cold winter nights and yet remain entirely captivating.   ‘Rough Sleeper’ is the more soulful, glowing half of his Truant EP.  A third full length album in this lengthy and ambitious direction will be something new and bold even for Burial, but for now we’re happy with the sounds on ‘Rough Sleeper’ – saxophone, organs, pipes, static et al.


Something Going On – Miguel Puente

Will recommends Puente’s Something Going On EP – deep house with something very funky going on.  The Wildcats remix of ‘Together’ seems destined for the peak of a late night set and we’re excited to see what further collaborations Puente can attract with this confident and groovy release.


No Strings – Chloe Howl

17 year old Chloe Howl has appeared from nowhere, signed to Colombia and released this gutsy track.  That’s really about all we know about her, but ‘No Strings’ has us very intrigued.  Her irreverent lyrics are honest and intelligent, not to mention very catchy when laid on top of that funky bassline.


Big Deal – Grosstone

With the release of their latest EP, Grosstone offer a sing-a-long deep house track that packs in an impressive soundscape.  Another 2012 success for Kev Obrien’s Stranjurr record label and a favourite with Circulation’s Felicia.


Treat Her Kindly – Olof Arnalds

Despite its simple, instructive lyrics (‘Let it show, let her know, let her grow out of hope, out of fear’), this song is quite otherworldly and peculiar.   Sudden Elevation, from which this song is taken, is Arnald’s first album recorded entirely in English, although it was mostly recorded in a seaside cabin in Iceland.   Much like a shell, if you put the song to your ear, you can almost hear the lulling of the waves.


Night Sky – Roses Gabor

These are the same velvety pipes that captured hearts in SBTRKT’s ‘Pharaohs’ and Gorillaz’s ‘Dare’.  Now, they’re put to use in this sultry 90s R&B melody and ain’t it just dreamy.  Not bad for someone who used to work in banking.  We’re excited to hear her mix tape with Martelo, due next month.


Plastic Cup – Low

Well here’s something to kick the last remnants of festivity out of your system.  Low are back with a dark and brooding song about urinating in a disposable container.  It’s the first track off the forthoming album The Invisible Way, produced by Jeff Tweedy.  Just wallow in those warm oaky tones and think back to Wilco’s ‘Muzzle Of Bees’ track.

Alice Lawrence