Admiral Fallow: The Duchess, 7/12/12

Since there is a club night at The Duchess later tonight, a tight schedule is held. The bands are constantly notified that they don’t have much more time to play, and the band members themselves even admit to the audience they have to hurry. Right from the start, the night has an unrelaxed atmosphere. So when it’s time for Admiral Fallow to take the stage, they waste no time and quickly set up their equipment. While the songs are played well, the band plays are conservative, hardly taking any risks. It’s when they show their Scottish roots with their flute, clarinet and traditional folk guitar playing that they really come into their own.

When listening to Admiral Fallow’s peaceful music, the words ‘modest’ and ‘humble’ quickly come to mind. Frontman Louis Abbott, could do with being more like his music however. Even though he is the founder of the band, he’s the only member of the group not to help with sound checking and carrying their equipment on and off the stage. Moreover, he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with his audience tonight. When one of his jokes isn’t well received, the frontman mumbles off mic that this crowd is a weird bunch of people. The comment is followed by a louder and clearly more irritated outburst. Shouting ‘fucking wake up people, it’s fucking Friday night’ may not be the best way to win over your crowd. Perhaps the comment was partly directed at himself, because the songs after this are played with a lot more energy and vigour. As soon as the more familiar songs are played, the audience finally starts to loosen up and loudly sing along, resulting in a careful smile on Abbott’s face. When the band closes with sing-along “Isn’t This World Enough”, in which the chorus is left for the audience to sing, the evening is thankfully ended on a cheerful note.

With some beautiful moments here and there, Admiral Fallow showed that they are perfectly capable of giving a great performance when they want to. If only Abbott had been in a better mood and they had not been rushed by a DJ waiting to take over the stage, who knows how much better the performance would have been.

Judith Borghouts