Jack Savoretti & The Dirty Romantics: Fibbers, 15/11/12

It is crowded in Fibbers tonight. By 8pm the venue has already filled up considerably with a varied range of people all excitedly awaiting the show. The bar is immediately set high once support act Karima Francis enters the stage. With a powerful voice making hers such a great performance, the standard is set high for the main act. Somehow Jack lives up. The minute he and his Dirty Roman¬tics entered the stage, magic was in the air.

Jack already proved himself to be a gifted songwriter with three full-length albums. Tonight he also proved to be an excellent performer. Every song is sung with so much passion that you are taken along with each emotion.

Respect goes out to his backing band, The Dirty Romantics, who give an amazing performance and add the edge of a bluesy feel to Jack’s folky sound. However, it’s when Jack is left alone with just his acoustic guitar that he gets the most praise from the audience. In addition to his own songs, he gives one of the most intimate and touching versions of ‘Ring of Fire’. He delivers his songs as if they were written about and for you. When he sings ‘Take me home with you tonight’, the female members in the audience seem more than happy to oblige. With his husky voice, Ray LaMontagne is given a run for his money.

With this huge amount of talent, it’s hard to believe Jack was on the verge of saying goodbye to his music career last year. There is no sign of defeat tonight: his passion for music clearly shows as he gets so involved in every song. The show never weakens. After a range of acoustic songs, he is re-joined by The Dirty Romantics to close the night with an even more powerful performance than that with which they started.

Jack seems genuinely touched by the warm reception of the audience. When I get a chance to talk to the man himself after the show, it appears that he not only has a presence on stage, but is just as humble and sincere in person.

If there’s any justice left in the music business, Jack Savoretti will be so big that he won’t contemplate leaving the music business again.

Judith Borghouts