It’s A Bass Thing

Royce Rolls is one of a handful of names that are putting York on the map with regards to live music. As a record label boss, DJ and club night organiser, he is a busy man, and I recently caught up with him bumping into each other at Beacons festival.

The series of It’s A Bass Thing club nights has succeeded in bringing names such as Joker, Redlight, Doorly, DJ Yoda and Boddika to the city of York. These nights have always been big events on the calendar and Royce Rolls is certainly proud of how his creation has grown – “I am really surprised at how It’s A Bass Thing has gone over the last year in general, it all kind of happened organically and we just wanted to get York involved with what we’re doing”.

It’s A Bass Thing nights tie in with the label of the same name. The label had its first release this summer but Royce is excited about the future. “It feels like we have only just got started, but the reception has been amazing and we’ve got some amazing releases in the pipeline including Myth Richards’s ‘Baby She Wouldn’t Stop’ EP which has received Radio 1 support”.

Royce Rolls is also releasing an EP of his own on Cooly G’s Dub Organizer label. He describes the release as “just my own reflection of where bass music is right now, mixed with my own musical ghosts of the past”. As we chat about dream collaborations the influences are clear to see, with Goldie topping the list alongside Aretha Franklin in a genre-spanning studio session.

With one eye on the forthcoming DJ Zinc night on the 6th November, which falls on the first birthday of IABT, my final question is about the acts Royce Rolls would love to bring to York. After a moment’s thought, he decides that “being realistic, Shadowchild, Mak & Pasteman and Hostage all spring to mind, plus I’d definitely have Redlight and Lil Silva back!”. Whoever graces the stage in future, the nights are always a success and they are not to be missed.

Joni Roome