Brother & Bones: Fibbers, 23/10/12

With their new EP For All We Know not out until November, the indie/folk rock band Brother & Bones put on a remarkably powerful and consistent performance this October. Going around the country just before a release might not be commonplace for most bands; however, after a night of their heavy rhythms it only built the anticipation.

They were joined this Tuesday night by the charismatically quirky rock duo Pony and Trap as well as Yorkshire based band Barcode Zebra. Upon hearing Pony and Trap live for the first time, they made an irrevocably nuanced impression – their opening tracks were well composed although the bass often overpowered the capricious voice of singer Sally Rafferty. This was not only a problem for the northern duo – there were quite a few disturbances throughout the whole night that may or may not have been the fault of the bands themselves.

Barcode Zebra were probably the only band of the night that managed to strike the perfect balance between vocals and drum and bass; a task which Brother & Bones can’t be said to have fully succeeded. Still, Richard Thomas’ vocals surprisingly found their place above the ‘rough around the edges’ sound.

The solo acoustic ‘Gold and Silver’ demonstrated the piercing and original voice of Mr Thomas, leaving the audience quietly spellbound for a while. The rhythmic beat of the drums began to pick the mood up again and make the performance build, only for it to finish. Sounding like the perfect blend of new innovative folk music and influences from southern America, they are capable of creating astonishingly diverse songs which make you shiver to the bone.

Kristina Astrom