Playlist 17/06/12

Lockah – The Sour Drink From the Ocean

Debut single booming unbelievable bass. Waning sea-storm synths break in and out of a mock-mainstream, R&B beat that is intangible to place but all the more inviting in its faux-familiarity. Joyously, the Scottish producer Tim Banks will be releasing his debut EP When You Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat with Mad Decent on June 14th this year.



Recloose – Magic (Instrumental)

 It’s like magic. After the success of his 2011 Saturday Night Manifesto EP, New Zealand-via-Detroit-based producer Recloose is back with a new album on Rush Hour that blows a breeze of delirious, soft-focus melodies. Here it is stripped back of its vocals for the production to take full focus. And my oh my, does it shine!



Alpines – Empire (Maribou State Remix)

 With its euphoric, ‘wonderland’ feel, Maribou State’s remix of Empire is one for the unwind. Emerging onto the British dance scene last year with a series of singles for Polydor, Alpines returned this month with the exciting release of single Empire. As sampled gasps and rattles intermingle to produce the climactic calm of their remix, Maribou State are bleeping like mad on the radar too.



Peaking Lights – Beautiful Sons

  Twenty seconds into the melodic melancholia of this track and you’ll be sold. Though cheesy to say, the inspiration of their third member and  one-year-old child Mikko can be felt in the serenity of new album Lucifer.



 Japandroids – The Nights of Wine and Roses

 Sampled fireworks crackle through drumbeat development until a reloaded rock n’ roll spirit reigns.  A top-rated YouTube comment claims ‘This band makes me feel like I can fly’ and I’m not ashamed of the fact that I kinda’ agree. The brilliant new album Celebration Rock is out now.



 Bondax – Wet Summer

 As Disclosure’s fellow, ‘fairly synonymous but slightly lesser known’ newbies to the UK Garage front, Lancaster-based Bondax inevitably face the risk of critical comparison. Though opening with slightly naff piano samples, the off-beat funk breaks in with a bounce that you can’t resist. The You’re So EP chops up 90s samples with an endearing originality. It’s worth a listen. 



Spectrasoul – Away With Me ft. Tamara Blessa (Kito Remix)

 This hasn’t exactly been hiding away in the woodwork but it’s none the lesser for it. Rhythmic crackling and eerie vocals unfold into a wind-down dance beat played upon by the chorus’ soft jangles and subtle bass. If you’re lucky enough to be going to one of the many Croatian festivals this Summer, I’m 97% Spectrasoul will be there.



 Teeth – Percolator Meme

 Essentially repetitive but undeniably addictive. A ricochet of clicking percussion bounds back and forth driving this track’s tribal feel. With his new EP Meme is the New Riddim set to be released this year, Finnish Matti Pentikäinen will hopefully have more of his stunningly unstable sounds in store.



M83 – Reunion (Polly Scattergood Remix)

 The best and most recent in a string of remixes of this track. Polly Scattergood slows Gonzalez and Kibby’s vocals to flow like a hymn against the brute force of M83s guitars. A remix should never just cash in on the popularity of the original; it should make it something different. So, Polly, here’s hats off.  



Pressed And – Komusō Flutter Kick IV

  It defies genre. For the majority, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to gel together. Bassy synths, disjointed vocals, and seemingly autonomous hi-hats grate upon one another uneasily for the first two minutes. And then, out of nowhere,  the Brooklyn-via-North Carolina duo pull it out of the bag with the unifying introduction of a synth pad. It’s brilliant. Their five-track EP is set to be released on July 17th so keep a look out.



George FitzGerald – Child

  Often a little too dark for the masses , FitzGerald’s new single has a sound so unashamedly fun that it has faced the London-based producer with a suddenly sizeable audience. Featured as the funky focus track to the new EP Child, it is clear that his influences have spread far beyond usual horizons.




All Good FM – Famous Eno Remix


Nearly shamed as DJ Sliink and Arveneene & Misk tried to remaster his debut track before its prime, Famous Eno’s warded off the onslaughts with his own, far superior edit. MC Snitch’s voice is sampled to produce a rippling focal point amidst the drum-machine-driven beat and lagging hi-hats. You’ll wanna whack the bass up for this one.




Clams Casino – One Last Thing (Instrumental)

  Too often tagged to backing tracks to sometimes-crap rap, Clams Casino’s new album Instrumental Tape 2 asserts their music as an art form in its own right. Their characteristically slowed, groaning vocals are present through the track’s entire progression into a whirring symphony of scratchy synths.



Jonjo Lowe