Chalices of the Past: Peace 4 Tha World 2.0

In the middle of the month just gone, one of our number one favourites here at Circulation, Chalices of the Past (otherwise known as Gus Beamish-Cook, the chill bro who does our comic strips), released his third EP, the first in his discography to see a near-simultaneous tape release. Over its six original tracks and four remixes, the listener is taken on a warped-pop journey, moving through tropical beats, early grime instrumental bass and chillwave/hip-hop vocals. Influenced by both the most high-spec dance music such as Untold and the most lo-fi, 8-bit tracks, Peace for tha World 2.0 is definitely designed to make you move but, like the best modern dance music, also make you think.

Like the earlier Chalices release, 2 Rude, Peace… combines longer, more-traditionally structured tracks with shorter, instrumental and more experimental pieces. Lo-fi to the end, it is some of the most human-sounding electronic music around, a real connection being built with the listener despite the unintelligible vocals and lyrics throughout. Standouts from the original tracks are the joyous ‘Ma Boyz/Wolf Pack’, a mixture of steel pan and 8-bit beats, the bass-heavy yet emotional ‘Catch My Fade’ and ‘U R Alone’ – the closest a Chalices track has ever got to an 808-banger to date. The remixes really add to the package too, each one bringing out some aspect of the original that wasn’t immediately there, such as the Mount Kimble/James Blake shuffle of BD Crujd’s remix of ‘Catch My Fade’ and Drexciya-esque techno of the Mute Fight remix of ‘Pfades’. All in all, Peace… is a great release, made all the more admirable when you consider the shoestring budget on which it was made. There are no big studios involved, no professional mastering or big marketing ploys. This is music made for the love of making music, and that really comes through.

Jack Luckett