Wet Nuns

Self-proclaimed Death Blues duo, Wet Nuns have been strutting the sidewalks of the Wild West and the Deep South of Yorkshire, shootin’ and tootin’ on their geetar and drums. They guzzle whiskey like breastmilk and cuss like a trucker’s mother, but all pretences aside, Wet Nuns play their rock’n’roll the only way they know how, big’n’bad. In typically lazy journo fashion I emailed Alexis (The Drummer) and Rob (The Guitarist) some questions and here are their answers.

In Brokeback Mountain, two cowboys meet on the hillside and fall in love. Did the band form in a similar way?

Rob: Brokeback Mountain is about the forming of Wet Nuns. The truth to reality ratio is similar to that of ‘Last Days’. The main difference between the film and the truth is there was no love. Just anal.

Alexis: In Wet Nuns, Rob and I met outside The Graduate for a sour pint of Carlsberg, and discovered a mutual and total disinterest in each other, which is retained today. Even now, we only communicate via cryptic messages in the form of YouTube videos of doom metal bands posted on Facebook.


Brian Cox recently admitted to throwing a tea tray out of a hotel window. What’s the most self-indulgent rock star cliché you’ve tried to pull off?

Alexis: Rob once threw a snowball at a duck. My own indulgence was to mildly kick another band’s laptop in petulant frustration. I say kick; it was more a gentle push with my shoe.

Rob: All kinds of drunken fuckwittery. Nothing particularly impressive. Maybe we should work on that. We need to up our ‘rockstar knob factor’.


What were your initial feelings about being remixed by Matt Helders?

Alexis: I like the idea that people might make our tunes sound nothing like the original, and Matt Helders is a very prestigious person to lend us the honour of his remixing skills. We shall make it to the dancefloor.

Rob: “Oh, that’s cool.”


Several of Sheffield’s finest bands have names such as Dead Sons, Death Rays of Ardilla and Death Job. Is there any lighter listening out there, or is it all doom and death?

Rob: It’s all doom and death. There is no happiness. There is no fun. All the good things in history have already happened. There is no reason for anyone to be alive other than to soundtrack other people’s deaths.

Alexis: Death is obviously the most interesting thing in life.

Eoin Loveless