Earlier this month one of the UK’s most exciting young punk bands, Drones, released their debut album ‘Mutiny’ via minor label Lockjaw Records. The Canterbury based punks had developed a considerable hubbub with their tight and raucous live performances, with comparisons being made to the likes of The Steal and even bands like Anti-Flag (but don’t let that put you off). The album was promoted off the back of a small scale UK tour and it does not disappoint with eleven songs of pissed off politically aware punk kids. The best way to experience this band is to see them live. They destroy. Having seen them on bills with crust bands, ska bands and thrash bands (as well as punk) they have never failed to get interest from the whole audience – even if they aren’t what was expected – as their intense performances grip even the grimiest knurliest crusty. Having just come off tour it is unlikely that they will be up north again soon, but keep an eye out for them as they are definitely worth seeing.

It is starting to look like it might be quite a busy twelve months for Rancid. Tim Armstrong has just finished producing reggae legend Jimmy Cliff’s latest EP ‘Sacred Fire’, which contains a couple of covers performed in a reggae style such as The Clash’s ‘Guns of Brixton’. Rancid are also back in the studio recording the follow up to their 2009 album ‘Let the Dominos Fall’. Considering what a limp stumbling effort that one was here’s to hoping that they can pull it back this time around with the bounce bite and sneer of albums such as ‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ and ‘Let’s Go’. Despite being a band that’s twenty years old they are showing they can still pull a crowd as they have been unveiled as headline act for two of Europe’s premier punk festivals, Blackpool’s Rebellion and Groezrock in Belgium, with rumours of a UK tour to be announced soon.

One of the more intriguing stories in punk recently has been the Internet hype around new Oi! band Burned Out Motors. It appears that the band has never played a show or released music other than the single song on their Facebook page. The song ‘Bastards’ is a furious slice of London Oi! punk reminiscent of the 4Skins ‘A.C.A.B’  and the Cockney Rejects’ ‘Oi Oi Oi’ with its simplistic guitars, driving drum beat and a vocalist who wants to kick your head in while roaring and spitting out his lyrics. Punk. What’s odd is that the news about the band only comes from the recently opened Facebook account, which claims that all five members met while incarcerated at Wandsworth Prison, with one member still inside. It has been suggested that this might be just a joke band, and it will be interesting to see if anything else is released by them. If you want to find out more go to www.facebook.com/burnedoutmotors and experience some audible abuse.

Rob Johnson