Daughter: The Wild Youth EP

There is something about listening to music alone, in the five A.M. darkness, whilst driving through pouring rain, which tends to escalate its quality.  Delirium and isolation do strange things to the eardrums.

So, after my initial introduction to Elena Tonra’s voice via the radio of my yellow tin-can-car, in the precise conditions just described; it is much to my surprise that not only does Daughter still feature on my regular listening playlist; but that the snippet I first heard seems only to have been the tip of that famous, metaphorically overused, iceberg.

Daughter’s recent EP, The Wild Youth, is another harrowing achievement. Following their His Young Heart EP, which boasts the exquisite ‘Landfill, plaintively charting the torment of a love hate relationship, and ‘Candles’ which paints an agonising self-destructive relationship; The Wild Youth EP is a beautiful trail of yet more pain. Emotional torment at its best, it is medicine for broken hearts.

Heartbreak and bleak reflection are proven food for the creative soul; but one can only assume that Elena Tonra must have a mighty banquet of anguish to feast upon in order to produce such eloquent and cutting lyrics, “Setting fire to our insides for fun, collecting names of the lovers that went wrong;” “Most of us are bitter over someone”.  There is, perhaps, something quite voyeuristic about listening to such obviously heartfelt confessions of grief and desolation, poured out by an innocent and fragile, raspy, ethereal female voice; but they form part of an overall sound which is so engrossing, that one cannot help but listen on.

Daughter’s sound has a spiritual fullness; which adds yet another dimension to their already intense lyrical melancholy. Elena’s ghostly tones float over richly constructed instrumentals, of near orchestral magnitude; produced using simple and primal feeling percussion and echo, alongside light piano and guitar.

Daughter will sit snugly beside Florence and The Machine, Laura Marling and Lisa Hannigan in your playlist; rapidly becoming a serious contender in the competition to claim the crown as queen of brooding lyrics and near mystical, folk influenced sound.