The Kills: Blood Pressures

The Kills are Allison Mossheart and Jamie Hince, otherwise known as “VV” and “Hotel”. They provide us with a signature sonic footprint; gritty, overdriven blues riffs played on a sub-octave guitar over a drum machine. The vocals provide a sensual juxtaposition between soft harmonies and raking screams. In the three-year gap after Midnight Boom they have been busy with other projects: Mossheart in The Dead Weather and Hince as the most recent “indie-rocker” engaged to supermodel Kate Moss.

With these distractions in mind I was apprehensive for this record. However  these doubts were cast aside with first track, “Future Starts Slow.”It kicks the album off with a big drum beat and massive guitar riff, harking back to the slower heavier sound of No Wow. This good start continues with “Satellite”, with slow paced with offbeat reggae rhythm guitar, it sounds like a chant with marching riffs and vocals. In this album Hince and Mossheart are given a chance to flex their muscles as solo singers. Hince takes control in the Lennon inspired “Wild Charms” that takes the album off on a tangent to a dreamlike space. “The Last Goodbye” is Mossheart’s ballad but with no dirty guitars in sight these tracks are mere interferences, as the beauty of The Kills is found in their uncomplicated roughness. “DNA” and “Damned If She Do” exhibit this signature sound; harsh guitar riffs provide the rhythm overlaid with sexy vocals.

In terms of the sound this album is a step away from the higher tempo floor filler Midnight Boom. A respectable well balanced album worth considering whilst browsing the aisles of your local record shop, or more likely Spotify; but unfortunately it doesn’t live up to No Wow.