at HMV Ritz, Manchester, 7/11/11

The Grammy-winning San Diego-based band returned to Europe having recently released their eighth studio album ‘Vice Verses’. They kicked off their tour in Manchester, supported by The Paris Riots and In Case of Fire. Having been touring since the mid-nineties the band knew what the crowd wanted. They confidently mixed their famous classics, such as ‘Meant To Live’ and ‘Dare You To Move’, with their hits from the new album, ‘Dark Horses’ and ‘Restless’, to satisfy every single person in the crowd.


They opened the show with the first track off ‘Vice Verses’, called ‘The Afterlife’, and it was clear from the start that this would be a night to remember. Lead singer Jon Foreman’s vocal performance was close to flawless and special touches, like the harmonica on ‘Your Love Is A Song’ and Foreman’s berserk drumming in ‘The War Inside’, took the tunes to a whole new level. Switchfoot are renowned for referencing the town or country in which they are playing, and on this occasion they played ‘Lucky Man’ by Manchester band The Verve. This was highly appreciated by the crowd. Foreman saidafter the show that “Manchester is a music town, it’s a town full of passionate people, and I was excited to mix it up with the best of them.”

While many bands stay on stage for the entire show, Foreman jumped down into the crowd on several occasions, walking and singing amongst fans. The mutual respect between the band and the fans has led to the band members terming them ‘fams’, and there was a strong familial feeling amongst everyone in the venue. Switchfoot’s show was memorable for the crowd joining the band in singing their hearts out in every song, which made for a great live show.

Josefina Klang