British Sea Power

The new E.P ‘Zeus’ has recently been released. It’s quite a long album to start …

Yan: (Light-heartedly interrupting) it’s not an album, I am not normally strict but that is one thing that I am going to be strict on. We have an album coming out in January.

How did you choose which material made it onto the album and which were included on the E.P?

Yan: The ones that got left off the album, they are the ones that are on the Maxi E.P. It’s as simple as that really. That’s why we don’t want people to think that it is an album because it has been a while and we don’t want people thinking the E.P is the album we have been working on for two years.

We have only heard a handful of track from the E.P but instantly you notice a stark contrast to the ‘Man of Aran’ album. Was it hard moving away from that material in such a bold way?

Yan: It was not difficult. I mean ‘Man of Aran’ was based on music to bring out the best in the movie you know. I mean it’s alright if you listen to it on your own but you are meant to watch it with the film, ideally.

We noticed yesterday you did a ‘Man of Aran’ gig, is it difficult jumping between the new material and that album live?

Yan: I like the ‘Man of Aran’ gigs.

Noble: It is surprisingly easy. We are the kind of people who enjoy change.

Yan: And I get to do more solos.

Would you ever consider working on another soundtrack? Have there been any films that have already taken your fancy?

Yan: I would like to do a Sci-Fi film but I don’t know which one. It might prove a little difficult though because as soon as you get dialogue in there then…. (We wait for a conclusion that never arrives)

You were out In Norway recently playing at the ‘Traena Festival’. What was it like playing in such a remote part of the world?

Yan: Oh yeah, it was good. They gave us little boats. My brother got breathalysed.


Noble: By the police.

Yan: Yeah by the police. Actually, it could have been the coastguard.

Was he driving?

Yan: Yeah, he was driving. Luckily he had just stepped in as driver and he was properly the only person on the boat that would have passed. It was quite surreal. We did a ‘Man of Aran’ gig in a little church that was painted white which you could only reach by fishing boat.


Can you give us any inside information about the new album?

Yan: It’s a little bit more coherent than the E.P. There is no real effort on the E.P for any narrative or form we just did the best running order that we could. Hopefully the album makes a little bit more sense.

Noble: The album clocks in at an hour.

Yan: In general it’s a little bit punkier with a few softer, epic tracks on there as well.